New Rates by Singpost

As of 2 Dec, Singpost has made revisions to their mailing rates, which will impact our deliveries at HairStation. As such, we thought to highlight some of these changes, and to share tips to you, our customers, on how you can maximize your shipping costs!

You can read the full article written on Straits Times here. Singpost is redefining mailing of printed letters/papers vs packages. With the increase in e-commerce, they also want to minimise their postmen having to go up to the flat to deliver packages that do not fit into our mailboxes, so that they can optimise their delivery times and workload. This is totally understandable, but how they came to the decision on maximum sizes and rates, we are uncertain.

How it impacts us?

  • Maximum package size: 32.4cm x 22.9cm x 6.5cm
  • Impact: As many of our items are bulky and/or fragile, we will usually bubble-wrap it, so that customers will receive them in the most optimal condition. As such, many of our packages will exceed the 6.5cm maximum width size.
  • Via Singpost: We have checked with Singpost on the rates of such packages exceeding the maximum package size stated above, the rates start from $7!  

HairStation’s shipping revisions

To adapt to Singpost’s revisions, below are the changes we have made for our shipping options at HairStation.

  • Singpost normal mail: Any products that still falls within the acceptable package size, we will continue to offer free normal mail.
  • Exceeding in size: Packages that exceeds beyond the acceptable package size, we will charge a flat fee of $5 and send the items via courier. This will be cheaper, faster and trackable, as compared to sending via Singpost.
  • Orders of >$100: Free delivery

Tips to maximise the $5 shipping charge

  • Increase the quantity: Order several products or increase the quantity of the product you want to purchase. Our products’ are usually freshly made, and the shelf life is very long, so they keep well.
  • Group up with your family and friends: Check with your family and friends if they need any of our products. Consolidate and place it all under 1 order!

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