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Tips on How to Remove Tangles, Knots & Matted Natural Hair

hair, detangle, hairstationHaving to deal with tangles, single-strand knots and matted hair is not a joke. This is especially so for long hair! And if you try to remove these tangles hastily and impatiently, you may be causing more damage to your hair. Detangling naturally curly hair is something that just comes with the territory. If you’re one of those naturals that doesn’t have to wrestle with knots and tangles then consider yourself extremely lucky.

But actually, removing knots, tangles and even sometimes matted hair doesn’t have to be laborious. Here are some tips to make life easier for you:

Use your Fingers and Conditioner
Start your detangling process in the shower on clean hair. After your shampooed, add a palm-size of conditioner and rake it through your hair with your fingers. Starting at the roots, gently rake through to the ends of your hair. If your finger becomes stuck anywhere, just wist that section of hair counter-clockwise first to see if this helps loosen the hair. Twisting in the opposite direction will usually help remove most of the knotted or tangled hair with minimal damage. Try our Mayflower conditioner.

Use a Wide Toothed or Detangling Comb
Using a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair will make the job much easier than trying to detangle with a smaller toothed comb. Not to mention, using improper hair tools can cause damage to the hair that isn’t tangled.

Detangle Hair in Small Sections
Raking a comb or your fingers through your hair all at once is only going to leave you frustrated and later while attempting to style, you’ll discover that your detangling session didn’t go as great as your thought. Try sectioning the hair into 4 small sections and detangle each section individually. Start detangling the ends of the hair and work your way upward to ensure maximum removal of each tangle of single-strand knot.

Use a Thick, Creamy and Moisturizing Products
These products have proven to be exceptional when it comes to battling some of the most stubborn knots that you’ve ever encountered. Attempt to detangle when hair is wet, it will help to cut down on your detangling time by half! Try our Mayflower Hair Moisturizing Cream, Mayflower Hair Lanolin Creme, or Mayflower Olive Oil.

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