FreeLimix White Bleach Powder




– 450g
– This new non-volatile decolourizing powder, thanks to its formulation enriched with high quality ingredients, grants the completion of perfect decolourizations, with the highest respect of the structure of the hair. The micro-granules that constitute it are not volatile, thus minimizing the risk of irritations. Its versatility makes it perfect for all techniques of application: highlights, streaks, special effects, decolourizations and bleaching. The creamy mix, obtained with the accretion of FreeLimix Oxidizing Emulsion Cream at 20-30-40 Volumes, makes it easy to be applied and ensures unbelievable cosmetic results, with a perfectly uniform lightening.

Pour 50g (1/2 measure) of FreeLimix Bleaching Powder into a non-metallic container and add 100ml (1 measure) of FreeLimix Oxidising Emulsion Cream.

We recommend checking the bleaching powder during resting time, according to the desired bleaching effect, to the application background to the hair conditions and to room temperature.

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