Silk & Volume Rebonding Magic Straight Set




– 700g each
– Made in Korea
– The Silk & Volume UP Magic Straight creams remove curls and waves, leaving your hair straightened from the roots to the tips.
– It contains Keratin and plant conditioning oils
– Keeps hair strong and healthy, smooth and silky. With lasting shine with perfect straight treatment
– It is best suited for damaged and weakened hair. With the keratin ingredient, it conditions the hair to be silky and soft


  1. Shampoo & Dry
    • Wash hair with shampoo (do not use conditioner)
    • Towel dry hair
  2. Apply No.1 Cream
    • Part hair into various sections
    • Wear gloves then apply No.1 smoothing cream with comb or brush onto hair. Avoid touching the scalp.
    • Wrap hair in shower cap
  3. Smoothing effect
    • Very damaged hair – leave it on for 5-8 minutes
    • Damaged hair – use hairdryer to blow and heat hair for 8-10 minutes
    • Healthy hair – use hairdryer to blow and heat hair for 10-20 minutes, then leave it on for a further 5-10 minutes
  4. Test
    • Test by taking 4-5 strands of your hair and pull it on both ends
    • If smoothing is complete, your hair will become elastic like rubber band
    • If you are able to pull your hair 1.5-3 times longer, smoothing is complete
  5. Rinse & Dry
    • Rinse out the No.1 cream with lukewarm water
    • Dry your hair with cool air using a hairdryer
  6. Straightening
    • Straighten hair using a flat iron
  7. Neutralizing
    • Wear gloves then apply No.2 neutralizer cream onto hair thoroughly and evenly
    • Leave it on for 5 mins and apply another layer of the cream
  8. Final Rinse
    • Rinse of No.2 cream with lukewarm water
    • Apply normal hair conditioner and rinse off
    • Towel dry hair and dry hair with cool air using hairdryer
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