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Is This A Solution To Split Ends?


It is a process in which the hair is separated into small sections, twisted, and then put under a flame. The burning causes the damaged parts of the hair to stick out: They are then trimmed, followed by giving the whole crop a conditioning treatment. The burning also supposedly opens up the hair follicles, which enables it to absorb the nutrients of the treatment better, thus being more effective.

velateapia, hair, hairstation, singapore

Don’t think you can DIY this. Please do not try this at home! The Brazilian women get this done at salons. It apparently takes about three and a half hour for the whole procedure to be complete. We wonder if there is any smell during the burning.

Logically, this cannot do any good for your hair. We have always been told that too much heat damages our tresses. So this cannot be safe right? We are not too sure about this method; neither will we be trying it anytime soon. We are sticking with the traditional ways of going for regular trims, turning down the heat on our styling tools and applying conditioning treatment serum to our hair, like our Mayflower Hair Protein Treatment and Lupinas Hair Repair Coat.

As for the candles, we think it will be better used for romantic candlelight dinners instead. Ha!


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